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I've always wished to have a car navigator, but commercial ones are way too expensive, so I decided to build one with cheap equipment (excluding the notebook).

I found an old Garmin GPS 45 receiver and I used this to start my project.

First of all you need to make the cable for power and data, see Dr. Thomas Vonesh's great diagram::

After this cable you have almost finished, you have just to test your work. Here follows photos of my first test:

Red circle is for the GPS, Green circle is for the power supply, a 70W DC-DC converter bought for 25 euro. (click will open the image in a new window).

My notebook doesn't has a RS232 connector, so I bought a USB-RS232 converter for about 20 euro (circled in red)

Here you will see a screenshot of the navigator working

Speaking about navigation software, I tried 3 different programs.

Mappoint 2003
Mappoint 2004

Mappoint 2003 is the worst, refresh time for the GPS is 15 seconds... not very useful when you are looking for a street in a big city.

Mappoint 2004 is good, people at Microsoft decided to lower the refresh from 15 to 1 second, that is way better.

NaviPC is the best one, it speaks to you and uses Navtech cartography, so you can upgrade maps or install new ones. I found that this specified GPS is not very precise, it will shift your position from 10 to 100 (!) mt., making NaviPC goes crazy. I think that a better receiver would resolve this issue but unfortunately the Garmin 45 is the only receiver I have, so I can't be sure about that.

Thanks goes to my friend Fabio that helped me with the GPS cable


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