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When I looked in the Manutention manual of my Audi A4 trying to find if they wrote how to change the headlights, I found written something like

"If you need to change the headlights on your car please refer to an authorized Audi mechanic"

What? A mechanic to change a simple light? In my opinion everyone should be able to do little manutention tasks like this. This is why I wrote this howto (and because the "authorized Audi mechanics" will ask you 7 euro to do what you're reading)

Note: I have a 1.9 TDI model, but I think that this procedure will fit any other A4 (B6) model (B6 models are A4 cars built after year 2001)

Here you will see the left headlight we are going to take out, but the same procedure can be applied also to the right one (click will open a bigger photo in a new window)

First, remove the cover circled in green (just take it, it is not fixed with screws), then, with a Torx screwdriver, remove the two screws circled in red

Cover removed

Under (yes, almost hidden) the cables circled in red and yellow there are two more Torx screws, you don't need to unscrew them all, only make 2 or 3 rounds

Particular of the screws under the circles in the previous photo (sorry for the bad focus)

Last, we have to remove the power connector. To remove it, pull the little plastic block lever circled in green and then, while holding it, pull out the whole connector (in red). After that the headlight is free, and you can take it out from the chassis

Et voila', headlight removed :) Red circles are for the vertical offset control, don't touch them unless you know what you're doing. Lights are located under the black plastic covers

Well done, you just saved 7 euro :)


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