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Some short notes about me and my work

I was born in Palmanova (UD) on 31th October 1981. I'm interested in new technologies and working with them. I (luckily) don't write too much code, I'm not a coder, I'm more likely a (sys/net)admin.

I started my journey on Internet in 1996, with my first 56k analogic modem, in that same year I installed my first GNU/Linux distribution (from now I'll call GNU/Linux only Linux [did I tell you I'm lazy? :]). I decided to move to a new OS mainly because of the instability of windoze. Only in a second time I started to like Linux also for it's philosophy.

Time passed, and after the school I found some jobs in the IT. Needless to say, I used Linux on every job I got :)
Finally on February 2004 I got the RHCE (RedHat Certified Engineer) certification.

I'm associated to the GOLUG (GOrizia Linux User Group) since the foundation and I like to participate in most of the activities promoted by my LUG. In the last two years I've held some talks (in italian) for the LinuxDay. My first talk was focused on Computer Security, the second one was on qmail

In the last years I also used many Cisco equipments, and I developed skills on PIX Firewall 525, 515, routers like 1600, 2600, 3600, 7200, Catalyst switches and Nortel Networks equipment, like Baystack (from 350 to 450) and Passport switches

During my normal life I like to read sci-fi, listen music, have fun with friends and play with my cats.

If you want my CV just click here
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