Daniele Duca
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Daniele Duca's Curriculum Vitae
General Informations
Name: Daniele
Surname: Duca
Civil status: single
Date and place of birth: 31/10/1981 Palmanova (UD)
Nationality: Italian
Military obligation: no military obligation
Email: daniele [-at-] danieleduca.it
School Education
Computer science skillful diploma taken at ITIS G. Galilei in year 2001.
Extrascholastic Education
British school diploma taken in year 1998
Trinity World Examination Board diploma, grade 8, taken in year 2000
NVC (Non Verbal Communication) course with Dr. Marco Pacori taken in October '04 and February '05
IT Certifications
RHCE (RedHat Certified Engineer) no. 809004157910134 taken in year 2004. Verification URL: https://www.redhat.com/training/certification/verify/
 Hardware platforms:
 Operating systems:
 MS DOS ranging from 3.1 to 6.22, good knowledge
 MS Windows 3.1 to 3.11, good knowledge
 MS Windows 95/98/NT4/2000/XP, very good knowledge
 IBM OS/2 Warp, academic knowledge
 GNU/Linux, very good knowledge
 MacOS System 9, academic knowledge
 MacOS X, good knowledge
 FreeBSD/OpenBSD, medium/good knowledge
 Solaris, academic knowledge
 Cisco IOS (router), good knowledge
 Cisco IOS (PIX), good knowledge
 Cisco IOS (Catalyst), good knowledge
 CatOS (Catalyst), academic knowledge
 Programming languages:
 C, good knowledge (for sysadmining)
 C++, academic knowledge
 Pascal, good knowledge
 Perl, good knowledge
 PHP, very good knowledge
 PL/SQL, academic knowledge
 SQL, good knowledge
 Bash scripting, very good knowledge
 HTML, good knowledge
 TCP, UDP, IPX Protocols, good knowledge of IPV4 and sufficient knowledge of IPV6 and it's implemetations
 Routing IPV4 on Cisco equipments and Linux gateways
 Switching on Cisco (Catalyst) and Nortel Networks (Baystack and Passport) equipments
 Various layer 7 protocols (SMTP, HTTP, POP, IMAP, etc..)
 VPN (Virtual Private Networks) on Linux and Cisco PIX with authentication made on RADIUS servers (Windows and Linux)
 eLAN (extended LAN) deployment in medium/large scale
 Traffic shaping
 Engineering and deployment of WiFi networks, with focus on security
 System Administration:
 Installation and configuration of Linux, BSD, Windows, MacOS X with hardware troubleshooting and upgrading
 Administration of mixed networks with Windows,Linux, MacOS 9 and MacOS X with users managing and backups
 Remote manutention of production-state servers
 System security: managing of antivirus solutions with centralized db of virus signatures, user access policies, deploying of NIDS and IDS, filesystem cryptography
 Firewalling on iptables, ipchains and ipfw
 Engineering and deployment of statistical services (bandwidth usage, site accesses, mail usage statistics etc..)
 System hardening with Grsecurity
 Engineering and deployment of transparent proxy services (Cisco + Squid)
 Engineering and deployment of DMZ architectures with Cisco equipments and Linux
 Engineering and deployment of reverse proxy services with Apache (specifically to secure HTTP requests made to IIS servers)
 Engineering and deployment of various SAMBA services
 Monitoring applications with SMS warning
 Patching of GPL software to follow customer needs
 Writing of ticketing applications in PHP scripts
 Writing of a XML-RPC gateway to let a CMS running on Windows/MacOS X (Frontier, http://frontier.userland.com) use data stored on a Postgres database on a Linux box (see for example the search engine in the site http://www.bancarella.it)
 HTTP: Apache on *nix or windows, IIS
 MTA: qmail and postfix, good knowledge. sendmail and exim, academic knowledge
 DNS: Bind 8 and 9, djbdns
 FTP: proftpd, wu-ftpd
 SMB: Samba
 Appletalk: netatalk
 Proxy: Squid
 Sock: Socks 5
 Gatekeeper H323 and MCU: openh323 and openmcu
 SIP Services: SIP Express Router
 LDAP: Openldap
 mySQL: very good knowledge
 PostgreSQL: very good knowledge
 Oracle: academic knowledge
 Work experiences:
 From October 2005 to now, I'm working in the IT department of ICS-UNIDO (Internation Center for Science and High Technology of United Nations Development Organization)
 From October 2002 to October 2005, I worked for Teorema Engineering and I was detached full time to Area Science Park, where I was the System and Network Administrator.
 From September 2001 to September 2002 I worked for Evectors as XSL coder and system administrator
 From July 2001 to August 2001 I worked as a technician in cellular phone production lines at FinMek
 From January 1998 to June 2001 I worked for an Italian ISP as System and Network Administrator. During this period of time I developed a big part of my knowledge of protocols and services
 Freelance experiences:
 Developed a licensing system for Synaps Technology
 Upgrade of production state services for Evectors (Database, Web Server, Ftp Server) with impact valutation and source code patching
 Reconfiguration of RAS system (Tacacs+ server and Cisco 2500 series router) for Active Software
 In September 2002 I developed a mail/web/fax/samba/netatalk server for Coveco
 References will be furnished upon request.
 Foreign languages:
 Spoken and written english: good knowledge
 Spoken and written technical english: very good knowledge
 Personal Interests:
 Related to work:
 Computer Security
 Cryptography and privacy
 Coding (little patches to existing OpenSource projects)
 I'm associated to the GOLUG (GOrizia Linux User Group) since the foundation and I held two talks at the LinuxDay 2002 and 2003. Slides of the talk are available in the Projects section
 Not related to work:
 Mainly Reading SCI/FI (Mark Fabi, Neal Stephenson, Asimov), Horror (Stephen King, Michael Crichton) and a little action (Tom CLancy), playing with my car's electronics
If you want to contact me look at the Contacts section, where you will also find my public GPG and PGP key
Informations on this page are (C)opyright Daniele Duca
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