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BOFH excuse for today:  spaghetti cable cause packet failure
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This site best viewed with eyes

Say NO to software patents!
Packet Storm. One of the biggest site about security

Security Focus. This one also has good informations

BUGTRAQ Archive. The archive of one of the most known security mailing list

Sikurezza. The italian mailing list about security

Teach Archive. The archive of two very good italian mailing list about networking and security

Zio Budda. This is a site about Open Source news

Slashdot. The most famous geeky site

Interlex. A good site with legal informations about IT

Punto Informatico. Daily news about technology

Sysadmin Humour. You will laugh only if you had worked as a sysadmin :)

GOLUG. The homepage of my LUG (GOrizia Linux User Group)

The BOFH. A must read for every sysadmin

Windows Crash. A repository of the funniest Windows crashes

Free Software Foundation. Where you can get a lot of informations about Free Software

Linux. A good point of start for informations about Linux

GNU. GNU's (GNU's Not Unix) Website

The GNU Privacy Handbook. A good reading if you want privacy when using Internet

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